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    Fuel System

    Fuel System
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    Product Overview When you need more fuel flow to maintain the correct air/fuel ratio the Blip Speed VRG fuel pressure regulator is an ideal alternative to expensive ECU or fuel injector changes. This type of regulator is also referred to as a FMU (Fuel...

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    Service Overview This service remanufactures the original BEGi 2025 Regulator. The remanufacturing and updating of older regulators includes a new full-sized stainless steel diaphragm/valve as well as new fabric reinforced upper and lower diaphragms. If required, the regulator surfaces may be machined. The...

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    Product Overview It's the Magnum of all regulators! The MR is the world’s only fuel pressure regulator that provides the standard one-to-one function simultaneously with, and in the same package as, a rising rate capability regulator for the EFI equipped...

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